How to format a business letter

Writing effective business letter is an art and a skill that is not possessed by everyone. You may have great business acumen but not being able to write impressive business letters can come in way of your success at times. A business letter is written with the purpose of getting a response. If it is not written clearly or with an improper format, it is likely to elicit a response that you are not expecting. Here are some simple and easy tips to format your business letter.
Start with the date
Date on which you are writing the letter is very important in case of business communications. Date with month should be clearly mentioned on the top left or right corner of the letter leaving 3-4 lines from the top of the letterhead.

Address of the recipient
Below the date after leaving another 3-4 lines, write the address of the recipient clearly with proper punctuation marks. Address should include the title of the individual in hte organization, his full name below it, and then the name of the business. After that, you can write the building number, street name, city, state, and finally the zip code of the area.
Any letter starts with greetings for the recipient and business letters are no exceptions. You can use hi or hello with dear or respected depending upon the age of the recipient as well as your relations with him. You can choose to be formal or informal depending upon your closeness to the recipient. If you use first name of the person when talking to him, you are right to use the same in your business letter also.
Content or the main body
This is the most important part of a business letter. Use the body to carefully state the facts or whatever you want to say in a polite and businesslike manner. The language used in the body of your letter should not be the same that you use when talking to the same person on phone or in person. The body of your business letter has to start one line below your greetings and you should come straight to the topic instead of talking about personal relationships.
No business letter is complete without your signature under your title. Signature is a proof that you have written this letter and it is indeed and authentic copy.
If you are sending copies of this business letter to other persons, you must write their names to confirm this fact. Writing these names is a way of letting the recipient know that copies of the same business letter have also been despatched to other people he or she might know. It helps in indirectly creating a pressure upon the recipient to react or respond in the desired manner.
There are available many examples of business letters on internet. You can easily follow these examples to write high quality and effective business letters to take your business to new heights of success.

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